About Us

Somi-t is a leader in the production of integrated management solutions and user-friendly services dedicated to small and medium businesses. Somi-t wants to meet their needs for efficiency, productivity, independence and professional corporate image.
Entrepreneurs have understood that information is the blood flowing in the veins of their organization. Today, it has become obvious to reorganize business processes using new communication tools such as IP phone system (VoIP). The company can better control its development to achieve greater productivity and gain the assurance of continuity of its operations.
To do this, Somi-t has created the complete IP telephony system called "Somitcom". This VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solution can be quickly customized to meet specific needs of each society. It is also accompanied by a web application called SomitPunch that allows customers to view call history and also use several functions related to IP telephony such as Time Punch.
Henri Frappier, president and founder of Somi-t, is an entrepreneur who works in the field of communication and information technology since 1983. His many years of experience have enabled him to develop his sense of diagnosis, deduction capability and an important expertise in the field of organizational development.
Mr. Frappier and his team find motivation in improving information management in business. They intend to achieve these objectives by training users to use management tools that stick to the business processes of the company. The management and staff of Somi-t endorse the code of ethic of the company which he has to better serve its customers.
"The entrepreneur is a free person who decides to take responsibility to trust himself in order to push his limits." - Henri Frappier